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Bug#603781: unblock: superiotool

Package: release.debian.org

I discovered that the version of superiotool in unstable was blocked from 
entering testing due to not being built on ia64 (according to 
grep-excuses). But looking at


lists it as being uploaded (although the "Last State Change" date is 
weird). However the ia64 version of r5050 isn't in the pool either. I think 
wanna-build is confused and this prevented the ia64 buildd from building it 
and thus it was blocked for a long time from entering testing.

The package currently has no bugs. It's a utility for determining what 
super i/o chipset your system has, mostly useful for coreboot development. 
The newer version is able to recognize more chipsets, the version currently 
in squeeze (0.0+r3844-1) was uploaded in Dec 2008 and is not so useful.

Assuming it builds on ia64, this version should have been in testing 
anyway, and allowing it in now represents very little risk.

Could someone kick w-b and if it builds please consider unblocking?


Matt Taggart

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