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Bug#603274: [Pkg-cups-devel] Bug#603274: unblock: cups/1.4.4-7

Hello Julien,

Julien Cristau [2010-11-12 15:07 +0100]:
> +        # On Ubuntu, replace the obsolete init script (replaced by an upstart job)
> +       if [ "`lsb_release -is 2>/dev/null`" = "Ubuntu" ] && [ ! -L /etc/init.d/cups ] && dpkg --compare-versions "$2" le-nl "1.4.4-6"; then
> +           rm_conffile cups /etc/init.d/cups
> +           update-rc.d cups remove
>         fi
>      ;;
> Running lsb_release in preinst seems both wrong (lsb_release isn't
> Essential)

It is a pretty tight requirement in Ubuntu, though.

Anyway, on Debian it doesn't matter if it succeeds or fails; I don't
consider it very urgent to change it, do you?

> and unnecessary (you know at build time whether you're building for
> ubuntu, so don't need a runtime check).  Can this be fixed please?

It'd require some packaging changes, like moving to a postinst.in, and
doing some dynamic replacement there in debian/rules. This might cause
more trouble than it'd fix, but if you consider that important for
Squeeze, I'll find some time for it.


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