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Re: dash situation


Apologies for the late reply on this.  For some reason I thought it had
been replied to earlier but realised it hadn't whilst tidying up my

On Sun, 2010-09-19 at 16:44 +0200, Helmut Grohne wrote: 
>  * #546528: This seems to be "only" a policy violation and I have not
>    found any reports about practical problems. If this is not to be
>    fixed, it would be an option to tag this squeeze-ignore.

The bug log has an alternative suggestion regarding just making the
preinst use a /bin/bash shebang, on the basis that bash is still (and
probably always will be) essential.  This seems so simple that I'm sure
there must be a catch somewhere; I just haven't worked out what it is
yet. :-)

>  * #538822: Must be addressed in some way. Since it only hits upgrading
>    users that followed README.Debian, those users could be told to
>    revert that change via release-notes.

I'd prefer if we could find a solution that DTRT here without requiring
intervention from users.  Noting the manual solution in the release
notes wouldn't be the end of the world, however.

>  * #582952: This one involves either fixing a lot of packages or
>    shipping a non-POSIX shell by default. Both of which are bad and
>    probably breaking a lot of unrelated stuff. Shipping a non-POSIX dash
>    seems to be slightly better to me as this hasn't bothered us so
>    far[1].

LINENO isn't part of the SUSv3 Shell Command Language as specified in
Policy.  The description of the variable therein explicitly states that
it "specifies the effects of the variable only for systems supporting
the User Portability Utilities option" and Policy does not require UP to
be supported.

In any case, this issue is resolved in squeeze and sid already.



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