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Re: Please unblock vzctl

Hi Mehdi

Thanks. Will upload a new corrected version now.

It was tested, but for some reason I did not catch this one.

Best regards,

// Ola

Quoting "Mehdi Dogguy" <mehdi@dogguy.org>:
On 29/10/2010 07:19, Ola Lundqvist wrote:
Hi Release team

I (with help of others) have corrected a number of important bugs and one
release critial issue for the vzctl package. You can see the changes below.

There is:

--- vzctl-3.0.24/etc/init.d/initd-functions.in
+++ vzctl-3.0.24/etc/init.d/initd-functions.in
@@ -85 +85,26 @@
+       case DISTR in

I guess you meant "case $DISTR in"?
I do wonder if this code was tested…

vzdaemon_stop suffers from the same typo, fwiw.

I consider all the above important for the next stable release.
The only one that is more on a "good to have" basis is #597555 but I
still consider that as important to avoid potential data corruption.

I consider the above as critical.


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