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Please unblock vzctl

Hi Release team

I (with help of others) have corrected a number of important bugs and one
release critial issue for the vzctl package. You can see the changes below.

Closes: 597522 597555 597876 600081 600455 600585
 vzctl (3.0.24-8) unstable; urgency=medium
   [ Ola Lundqvist ]
   * Solved a package purge problem if vzctl is installed inside the container.
     Thanks to Apollon Oikonomopoulos <apoikos@gmail.com> for the report.
     Closes: #597522.
   * Solved the problem that HISTFILE and HOME are set to wrong values.
     Thanks to Daniel Hahler for the correction. Closes: #597555.
     The patch is in reverse order in debian/patches.
   * Correction to a debian specific patch that cause problem with routing.
     Closes: #597876. Thanks to Daniel Hahler <debian-bugs@thequod.de> for the
     proposed fix.

   [ Florian Ernst ]
   * debian/vzctl.postrm: correctly extend line in Lenny cleanup.
     Closes: #600585.

   [ Gregor Herrmann ]
   * Fix "typo in postinst breaks ct reboot feature / vzeventd isn't
     start at bootup": check for the correct init script; patch by Thorsten
     Schifferdecker (closes: #600081).
   * Fix "ct reboot feature broken - part II"; store and apply upstream patch
     that uses start-stop-daemon (closes: #600455).

I consider all the above important for the next stable release.
The only one that is more on a "good to have" basis is #597555 but I
still consider that as important to avoid potential data corruption.

Thanks in advance,

// Ola

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|  http://inguza.com/                Mobile: +46 (0)70-332 1551 |
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