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Re: advice requested: requesting an unblock request for bup

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On 13/10/10 06:38, Adam D. Barratt wrote:
> I think there may have been a small misunderstanding there. :-)
> You said that upgrading to 0.17 would make the size of repositories
> increase in size, and I was wondering how big that increase was.

Ah yes, good question.  I was going on the following para in [1]:

"For anyone who hasn't been paying attention, I checked in some patches
to replace bup's checksum algorithm a while back; this is the first
release with that change.  Warning: this moves all the split points
when bup splits large files, so your backup sets will experience a
surprise increase in size for the first backup after you upgrade to
this version.  Sorry, but that's why we don't call it 1.0 yet!"


I just performed a test, backing up 100M of urandom via bup 0.14a-2,
then performing a second backup using current upstream git HEAD. And...
I got no increase in the backup dir whatsoever.

> Admittedly if there aren't many users of the old version then it may not
> be a particular issue in practice.

Despite not having proved anything substantial, I'm uncomfortable with
the idea of this mythical "bump" hitting people after 2 years of backing
up with 0.14-2 (worst-case scenario).

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Jon Dowland
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