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Request to upload iftop 0.17-8 to unstable (and unblock it to testing)


I would like to upload iftop to "unstable" and let it migrate to
testing.  The most important change would be added IPv6 support.

Overall, I would like to upload with the following changes:

 debian/patches/07-spelling-and-usage-text.patch    |   87 +
Fixes some spelling error in the manpage

 debian/patches/08-segfault-duplicate-options.patch |   55 +
Fixes #425488/#598376 a sefault when using the same command line
argument twice.

 debian/patches/09-incomplete-hash-func.patch       |   51 
Fixes #595169, which is actually only wishlist, but quite nasty.

 debian/patches/10-lladdr-inclusion-kfreebsd.patch  |   37 
Fixes #598367, an usage problem on kfreebds-*

 debian/patches/11-implement-ipv6-support.patch     | 1120 +++++++++++++++++++++
Is the missig IPv6 support.

All these patches have been reviewsed and accepted by upstream in the

The laste change I seek your approval would be the following:
 iftop-0.17/debian/rules                            |    3 
 debian/NEWS                                        |   11 

Here I disabled an quite unexpected feature of iftop:  It allows you to
open a subshell.  As iftop is often used in combination with sudo,
sysadmins might be suprised, to give other users full root by granting
them access to iftop (granted; only if the don't configure sudo
properly); but as it is only a minimal change, I hope you allow that,

Just for completness, I also changed the following files:
 debian/watch                                       |    4 
 iftop-0.17/debian/changelog                        |   27 
 iftop-0.17/debian/control                          |    2 
 iftop-0.17/debian/patches/series                   |    5 

I've uploaded the complete debdiff between 0.17-6 (currently in Squeeze)
and the proposed 0.17-8 upload at

Thanks for your time,

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