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Re: Upload permission for PySide

Le lundi 11 octobre 2010 20:40:03 Adam D. Barratt, vous avez écrit :
> To be honest, I'm inclined to agree with Julien here, at least in terms
> of not being keen on the idea of importing the chain from experimental
> to testing at this point.
> The fact that those packages are already an upstream version behind does
> leave me with a worry that they'll be obsolete already by the time
> Squeeze is released.


I was hard to convince, but now I am: let's remove those 4 from testing. In 
order to allow Squeeze users to use PySide, I will probably handle backports. In 
the meantime, new upstream versions will land in unstable.

This would then be (as removals from testing) : 

RM: apiextractor/0.6.0-1
RM: generatorrunner/0.5.0-1
RM: shiboken/0.3.2-3
RM: pyside/0.3.2-3

Do you want bugreports for those ?

Thanks for your patience and time !



Didier Raboud, proud Debian Maintainer (DM).
CH-1020 Renens

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