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migration permission for fetchmail 6.3.18-1 (pre upload)

I hereby ask for a confirmation if 6.3.18-1 can migrate to testing (will ask 
for an unblock later of course).
I don't want to upload a new upstream release and then be confronted with the
need of backporting.

This is a new upstream version *however* it does not add/change features
but is a plain bugfix/regression/translation fix release. The upstream 
changelog is available at:

I really would like to see this version as it is in squeeze, it does not 
change previous code apart from fixing bugs and the code has been tested for
a while now (there have been pre releases from upstream and the regression 
fixes have been tested). Backporting those changes is quite a lot of work and 
likely error prone, so I would prefer 6.3.18-1 for squeeze.

A full debdiff of what I plan to upload is available at:
 96 files changed, 18618 insertions(+), 20580 deletions(-)
This is quite a lot even though almost all of this are translation file 
related changes (binary and source) and a huge chunk is caused by the 

Please let me know what you think, I plan to upload this as soon as possible.

Kind regards

Nico Golde - http://www.ngolde.de - nion@jabber.ccc.de - GPG: 0xA0A0AAAA
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