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Re: Bug#599704: unblock: gnat-4.4/4.4.5-1

Luk Claes <luk@debian.org> writes:
> On 10/11/2010 02:26 PM, Ludovic Brenta wrote:
>> Dear release managers,
>> Because gcc-4.4 (>=4.4.5) is now in Squeeze, gnat-4.4 (=4.4.4-5) no longer
>> builds from source.  An updated gnat-4.4 package (merging all the packaging
>> changes from gcc-4.4) is available in unstable.  Please unblock it so it
>> migrates to testing after its normal 10-day period in unstable.
>> The changes between 4.4.4-5 and 4.4.5-1 are a bit too large for my taste
>> (upstream version change + packaging changes) but all of these changes have
>> been tested and approved as part of gcc-4.4 already. I have also personally
>> verified that the Ada Library Information files are unchanged, thus
>> preserving compatibility with all the existing -dev packages that depend on
>> gnat-4.4.
> unblocked

Thanks a lot.  After I filed this request, Matthias filed

Bug#599844: gnat-4.4 build-depends on gcc-snapshot on armel

which is severity: serious, too.  I am building gnat-4.4 (=4.4.5-2) now
and will upload shortly; I hope unblocking it does not require any
additional work on your part.  FYI, the fix consists in merging
additional packaging changes from gcc-4.4 (=4.4.5-3) which has been
uploaded to unstable today.  This merge also adds updates from the
upstream stable gcc-4_4-branch that do not affect Ada.

Ludovic Brenta.

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