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Debian squeeze theme: dead in the water?

When testing d-i images for squeeze, I noticed that the look and feel of
grub, gnome etc. are the debblue theme that first came in (iirc) Etch.

Looking at http://wiki.debian.org/DebianArt , it would appear there was
some effort to come up with a novel look-and-feel for Squeeze. But that
effort seems to have died pre-freeze. Am I right?

Is there any hope that squeeze will have a unique, new, fresh look-and-feel
for the core graphical components (grub, the display managers, the two or
three big desktops, etc.)? CCing release, as I suppose any such effort would
need sign-off by the RMs.

If not, I would strongly suggest not pushing debblue out as the default.
Most of the upstream components change their default appearances over
releases, so no effort on Debian's part would result in more change than
the effort that went in to debblue, however many years ago that was. To
be quite honest, it immediately makes the "new" release feel stale to me.

Jon Dowland

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