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Re: sks bugfix for 599029

On Sat, Oct  9, 2010 at 09:07:35 +0200, Christoph Martin wrote:

> There is again a bug (599029) which makes sks not runable on some
> architectures using ocaml bytecode. On bytecode architectures the binary
> should not be stripped. I uploaded a fix to unstable, but I think it
> gets not processed because of the fix. What can I do? Should I upload
> directly to testing?
No.  queued log says:
Oct  7 19:12:12 processing /sks_1.1.1+dpkgv3-5_amd64.changes
Oct  7 19:12:12 /sks_1.1.1+dpkgv3-5_amd64.changes is already present on target host:
Oct  7 19:12:12 sks_1.1.1+dpkgv3.orig.tar.gz
Oct  7 19:12:12 Job sks_1.1.1+dpkgv3-5_amd64.changes removed.

Try reuploading without the tarball?


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