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sks bugfix for 599029


Am 15.09.2010 15:01, schrieb Julien Cristau:
> On Wed, Sep 15, 2010 at 11:54:38 +0200, Christoph Martin wrote:
>> Due to a type in the rules file (see #596563) on the architectures where
>> the ocaml interpreter is needed the respective dependency was missing.
>> So I had to do a new upload of sks with this fix in place. There is
>> again no code change in the package. The package is ony due to the move
>> to testing in some days. Would you please consider to unblock it to go
>> into testing?
> Sigh, I should have spotted that.  Thanks for the quick fix, unblocked.

There is again a bug (599029) which makes sks not runable on some
architectures using ocaml bytecode. On bytecode architectures the binary
should not be stripped. I uploaded a fix to unstable, but I think it
gets not processed because of the fix. What can I do? Should I upload
directly to testing?


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