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Bug#598880: unblock: gdm3/2.30.5-3

Package: release.debian.org
Severity: normal
User: release.debian.org@packages.debian.org
Usertags: freeze-exception


last but not least (for today), I’m asking for an unblock of gdm3.

gdm3 (2.30.5-3) unstable; urgency=low

  [ Josselin Mouette ]
  * pt_BR.po: new Brazilian Portuguese translation by Sérgio Cipolla.
    Closes: #597669.
  * 26_username_escape.patch: stolen in upstream git (2.30 branch). Fix 
    escaping in the user list.

  [ Luca Bruno ]
  * 13_gdmsetup.patch: refresh and fix user-manager loading according
    to upstream changes. Closes: #598034.

gdm3 (2.30.5-2) unstable; urgency=low

  * 03_ipv6.patch: new patch from Julien Cristau, thanks a lot for 
    investigating! Fix an allocation error that leads to passing garbage 
    as addresses.
    Add to that a stripping of ::ffff: from IPv4 mapped addresses, since 
    this is not understood in $DISPLAY.
    Closes: #579033.
  * 11_no_xhost_thanks.patch: new patch. Drops the very suspicious xhost 
    authentication that is set in the login window. In addition to 
    questioning the security, it interacts badly with the Xephyr patch.
  * 11_xephyr_nested.patch: re-enabled.
    + Updated to apply cleanly.
    + Modified to not affect the logic of 19_configure_xserver.patch.
    + Handle the upgrade situation, where the IsNested method does not 
      exist on the daemon yet.
    + Don’t pass a vtX argument to nested servers.
    + Start the nested server with an authorization that is accessible 
      to the user that launches it. Add another authorization for 
      Debian-gdm later. The implication is that the parent user has 
      access to the nested display. Which is, well, completely 
      unimportant since it already owns the server process.
    + Set GDM_PARENT_{DISPLAY,XAUTHORITY} so that the keymap is set in 
      the nested display as well.
    + Put back in place the code that keeps a connection open to the X 
      server, it is necessary for proper setting of the keyboard map.
    + Rework the xkb setting in the Init script. Passing model/layout/
      variant/options seems to work better than keymap/types/compat/…
    + Pass GDM_PARENT_DISPLAY to the greeter session too.
    + In the greeter panel, display only a "Quit" element when 
      GDM_PARENT_DISPLAY is set. Call the session manager to force a 
      logout when pressed.
  * debian/po-up/*.po:
    + Add translations for the Quit and Disconnect strings from gdm 
  * Install the gdmflexiserver-xnest.desktop file.
  * Recommend x11-xkb-utils for xkbcomp.
  * 19_configure_xserver.patch:
    + Updated to apply cleanly.
    + Add the ability to configure the nested X server command.
  * 20_endsession_respawn.patch: don’t respawn nested X servers.
  * 22_noconsole.patch: refreshed.
  * 14_pam_dialog.patch: show messages from PAM in a dialog so that the 
    user can actually see them.
  * Remove debian/TODO, yay!

gdm3 (2.30.5-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * greeter.gconf-defaults: disable the power management icon, it allows 
    to change the power management settings. Closes: #580629.
  * 25_xdmcpfill_length.patch, 26_xdmcp_fill.patch: stolen upstream. 
    Correctly initialize XdmcpFill. Closes: #579033.
  * 03_authdir.patch: drop, it’s useless since we override it again with 
    a make argument.
  * Use linux-any wildcard instead of listing non-linux architectures.
  * Bump standards version accordingly.
  * New upstream translation and bugfix release.
  * 08_frequent-users_greeter.patch, 09_default_session.patch, 
    18_switch_kill_greeter.patch, 20_endsession_respawn.patch, 
    21_schemas_usr.patch, 24_show_user_other.patch: refreshed.
  * 14_bindv6only.patch, 25_xdmcpfill_length.patch, 
    26_xdmcpfill_length.patch: dropped, merged upstream.
  * 08_frequent-users_greeter.patch: updated to not mark users as logged 
    on if they are not logged on using GDM (e.g. console sessions).
  * 13_gdmsetup.patch: update gui/Makefile.am accordingly to upstream 
  * 25_upower.patch: stolen from upstream git. Use directly upower-glib 
    instead of devkit-power-gobject. Closes: #595087.
  * Update build-dependencies accordingly.
  * 90_relibtoolize.patch: regenerated for the new version.

The Debian changes are fairly large, yet they are small compared to the
upstream ones between 2.30.2 and 2.30.3 - even though done in a pure
maintenance branch. I’m afraid that tells a lot about this code’s
reliability :/

I used the 2.30.5 version as a base for fixing the remaining regressions
from gdm, which are now (AFAICT) all solved. I’d like to avoid
backporting this daunting work to 2.30.2, and I wouldn’t ship gdm3 in
squeeze without some of the changes here (especially the XDMCP, IPv6 and
xhost related ones). 

 .''`.      Josselin Mouette
: :' :
`. `'  “If you behave this way because you are blackmailed by someone,
  `-    […] I will see what I can do for you.”  -- Jörg Schilling

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