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Re: Bug#597566: clamav-getfiles: Fails to create package with multiple perl undefined reference errors


On Mon, Sep 20, 2010 at 05:20:07PM -0400, Eric Reischer wrote:
> All known active versions of clamav-getfiles fail to produce a package.

I'll check that, earliest next week. Release team, please pull
clamav-getfiles form squeeze in the mean time.

> Also, this bug appears to be affecting the auto-update tool that posts
> clamav-data packages to volatile. The last updated definition package
> is dated 2010-08-21, which is a month old.

clamav-data in volatile died when volatile went under new "official"
owners. Sorry about that, and also sorry to see my own work going down
the drain.


>   This potentially represents a security issue to people who rely on
>   updated virus definition packages over clamav-freshclam.

Yes. Please complain to ftpmaster who believe that noone uses
clamav-data anyway.


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