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Re: transitional package question

On Thu, 2010-09-09 at 03:02 +0200, Harald Jenny wrote:
> I'm new to Debian package maintainership so please forgive me if this question
> is dumb: A package I maintain (amavisd-milter) is recommend by amavisd-new
> upstream as a replacement for their amavisd-new-milter program which got
> removed. Talking with Debian amavisd-new maintainer we came to the conclusion
> that we should provide a upgrade path for amavisd-new-milter, but the problem
> is that the Debian amavisd-new maintainer already removed amavisd-new-milter
> from his package and told me I would have to care for providing a transitional
> package. As squeeze is already freezed I wanted to ask if this is still
> possible?

Are the interfaces / configuration of /usr/sbin/amavis{,d}-milter
compatible?  i.e. can a user of amavisd-new-milter simply install
amavisd-milter and have (more or less) everything continue to work?

If so, then an update which simply added a transitional package
depending on amavisd-milter would be ok.  You'd have to take care to
ensure that the binary package had an appropriate version - the version
of amavisd-new-milter in stable is 1:2.6.1.dfsg-1, so it would need to
be higher than that.



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