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Re: chromium not in Squeeze: a bit of communication needed?

On Wed, Sep  8, 2010 at 13:48:49 +0200, Stefano Zacchiroli wrote:

> I've been following the chromium-browser saga a bit, who has ended up
> with the removal of the package from testing [1,2]. While I'm a
> chromium-browser user myself, and hence I'm saddened of seeing it go,
> I'm not here to question the choice as I'm sure it's been made as the
> right one and that it hasn't been an easy one to make.
We were given a choice between removing chromium-browser from testing,
or accepting a diff of
22161 files changed, 8494803 insertions(+), 1202268 deletions(-)
That didn't seem like much of a choice.  I don't have any reason to
believe the new version won't have the same problem 2 months (or a year)
from now, and as far as I know neither the security team nor the stable
release managers usually accept that kind of changes in stable.  If they
say they'll be happy to accept random chromium code dumps in released
squeeze, then I guess we can let it back in, but until then I don't
think keeping a version the maintainer doesn't want to support in
testing helps anyone.


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