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Re: Packaging mlt git snapshot and kdenlive trunk for squeeze

On Mon, August 30, 2010 21:40, Patrick Matthäi wrote:
> I have talked again with some kdenlive upstreams about the current
> situation.
> They are currently in a feature freeze and they plan to release in the
> mid of september. But, as ago, the current changeset is quite big to the
> version in squeeze:
> 172 files changed, 22489 insertions(+), 8212 deletions(-)
> This diffstat includes also translation updates.

What does the diffstat look like if you remove the translation changes?
(possibly also other documentation changes)

> 3) Switching back to
> As upstream said "it has bugs, but less than the current squeeze
> snapshot". I have to add a period to the version and backporting some
> changes, as:
> - Fixes incorrect recordmydesktop command line options.
>    Closes: #584523
>   * New upstream svn snapshot.
>     - Fixes FTBFS on armel.

Do you have an approximate idea of the number / scale of changes which
would be involved in the backport? (i.e. on top of the upstream



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