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Re: freeze exception for gcc-4.5 (i386, amd64 only)

On 20.08.2010 23:18, Ludovic Brenta wrote:
gcc-4.5 is not stable:


> it is in experimental and has not even reached unstable yet.

yes, exactly. that's because some member of the *release team* asked about it at Debconf privately, before declaring the freeze publically.

gcc-4.4 is stable.

Now, to be clear, what nice things would gcc-4.5 bring to our users?

Right: gcc-4.5 is "nice to have", maybe even "very, very nice to have",
but it does not fix any RC bugs

Well, it does fix debug builds on mips*, but maybe you are saying that mips shouldn't released? Yes I would support *that*.


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