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how to proceed with geany-plugins 0.19

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Dear RT,

the geany-plugins package is a compilation of plugins for the geany IDE.
The current version in the archive (0.18) isn't compatible with the 
geany version (0.19) in it (the plugins won't load).

A binNMU won't help due to new API in 0.19 :(
Thus the easiest solution would be upgrading geany-plugins to 0.19.
Here we have different options, and I'd like to know which you like more 

geany-plugins 0.19 ships 6 new plugins, one of which needs a yet 
unpackaged (in Debian) library.

>From the users point of view, it would be best to upload ctpl (the 
missing library) and geany-plugins with all the new plugins enabled.
However I can understand that you won't like this solution (even if 
geany-plugins and ctpl are already in ubuntu and working fine there).

We could also disable the plugin that needs ctpl and only ship 5 new 
ones. Or disable all of them and ship the same set as currently in the 

Thus my question: which of the three options would be ok from the RT 
point of view and please our users most?

Evgeni Golov

Bruce Schneier can read and understand Perl programs.

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