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Re: Freeze exception: roaraudio, muroard, libao

On 08/16/2010 04:33 PM, Philipp Schafft wrote:
> Here is a list of why I think the packages should be unblocked for
> update:
> muroard:
>         missing depends on oss-compat (#592911). If the package is not
>         installed muroard may become completly unusable.

Ok for this one.

> roaraudio:
>         from offical changelog (you can find a commented diffstat at the
>         end of this mail:
>         * Fixed locking bug with libroaross and Audacity
>           (Make Audacity work again)
>         * Added working resampler code thanks to maister.
>           (Closes: #592017)
>         * Changed way to find default driver.
>           (Do not fail on ALSA only systems)
>         * Updated Debian init script
>           (Small fixes and cleanups)
>         * Added VS API
>           (added a small API for simpler access. if this is a problem,
>            we can provide a version without it just for Debian.)
>         * Fixed strange bug in RSound emulation killing streams
>           after long time.
>         * Disabled build of broken libao and audacious
>           (they are in upstream now)
>         Here is the current changelog for the new version with comments
>         as above:
>         [ Patrick MatthÀi ]
>         * Add missing dependencies to the libroar-dev package.
>         [ Philipp Schafft ]
>         * Added symlink for libsndio.so -> libsndio.so.* in -dev package
>         (this fixes a FTBFS of libao triggered by the libroar-compat0
>         package)
>         * Install bash completion script
>         (We can remove this if needed for the unblock)
>         * Enabled ALSA support, recommend OSS.
>         (This is needed on ALSA only systems. Without it the package
>         becomes completly unusable on ALSA only systems)
>         * Enabled CELT (0.7.1) support
>         (This enables the CELT support for RA as it updates internels to
>         support the CELT version shiped with Debian.
>         If you do not like this we can disable it again.)

Ok for these changes.

> libao:
>         I talked to the offical maintainer (John Ferlito) and he gave me
>         his ok for this mail.
>         libao currently FTBFS if RoarAudio is installed. This requires
>         fix in libao and fix as stated above.
>         The bug (#592013) in libao was fixed in 1.0.0-5 which is hold
>         back because of the freeze. The bug in RA has no BTS entry
>         currently.

I unblocked this one this morning (it builds fine everywhere).

>         We would like to add a Depends instead of a Conflicts or
>         something to fix this as this will in addition enable roar and
>         sndio output as a pro with no additional problems. The code is
>         already in the old version and works (beside the fixed FTBFS
>         with sndio).
>         If you do not want us to include the additional outputs we can
>         of cause just set a Conflicts but would be unhappy about it.
>         Idepended on the kind of fix (Depends or Conflicts) this
>         requires a new upload (1.0.0-6) as the problem is not yet
>         completly fixed.

Can you send a debdiff please?

>         John Ferlito prefers to wait for the new version of libroar
>         (roaraudio) before he does his upload to make sure the problem
>         is really fixed.
> Hope you now have all informations you need. If not I'm happy to provide
> the missing things.
> It follows a commented diffstat for current trunk version of RoarAudio.

Why are you considering the trunk version instead of backporting necessary
patches? (sorry if I missed something)

>  57 files changed, 3941 insertions(+), 322 deletions(-)

This seems quite big.


Mehdi Dogguy مهدي الدڤي

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