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Re: Freeze for LLVM packages

On Thu, 2010-08-12 at 19:01 +0200, Arthur Loiret wrote:
> We would like to make llvm
> 2.7 (which is already used by clang and openjdk) the default version,
> but some packages (ldc and python-llvm) still need llvm 2.6.
> The things to do would be:
>    - Rename the current "llvm" source package to "llvm-2.6" and
> replace binaries by versioned binaries. Thus, it is allowed to have
> two versions in the archive (the 2.7 version is already versioned),
> just like GCC.

My primary question is "what does this gain us for Squeeze?"  I can see
that it could make future maintenance easier when llvm 2.8 hits the
archive, but that's not going to the case for Squeeze.

>    - Upload a package called llvm-defaults which would provide the
> binaries for the default (2.7) version. It can be found in its current
> state here [0]. Also like GCC.

The llvm-defaults package begins producing the llvm binary package, but
build-depends on "llvm (>= 2.7)".  As the latest version of llvm in the
archive is 2.6-9 and the version built from llvm-defaults would be 0.1,
that would make the package unbuildable.

>   - Do a last upload of llvm-2.7, clang and llvm-gcc-4.2 which fixes
> the remaining open bugs

llvm-gcc-4.2 FTBFS on i386, although there doesn't seem to be an open
bug for that.



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