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Bug#592659: freeze exception for deborphan

* Neil McGovern [2010-08-11 22:21 +0100]:
> On Wed, Aug 11, 2010 at 01:04:49PM -0700, Russ Allbery wrote:
> > The request is, therefore, not for an advance freeze exception
> > (since I know you'll want to look at the package as uploaded), but
> > for an indication of whether such a new release has a reasonable
> > chance of being accepted if it is finished and thoroughly tested
> > quickly.
> This seems a reasonable approach, but I'd look to add an "age-days 30"
> to the package.

To let users even a bit more time to test whilst it is in Sid and also
get the chance to add translation updates without asking for a second
freeze exception I propose the following:

  * When I upload it to unstable I'll ask for translation updates and
    let translators 30 days time to send them to me.
  * 30 days (actually a day or two later to be able to accept
    translation updates that are sent very or even a bit too late) after
    deborphan 1.8.0 has been uploaded to unstable I'll ask for
    a permission to upload deborphan 1.8.1 to unstable.  Ideally 1.8.1
    would just add these translation updates to 1.8.0.  In case there
    are trivial bug fixes I'll also ask for permission to include them.
  * If everything works well you allow 1.8.1 to enter testing 40 days
    after 1.8.0 and accordingly 10 days after 1.8.1 has been uploaded to
    unstable :)

> May I suggest that the work-in-progress is immediately uploaded to
> experimental too?

I'll to this this weekend.

> Please re-ping when you've uploaded.

Will do so, for the experimental and for the unstable upload.


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