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Re: accepted but not in unstable yet: crawl

On Fri, August 6, 2010 15:31, Adam Borowski wrote:
> Somehow, even though crawl 2:0.7.1-3 has been uploaded and accepted on
> 9:02 this morning, it hasn't been picked up by either of the two dinstall
> runs since then.  While buildds swiftly did their work and all arches
> except hurd-i386 and -ports are already built, all the results (including
> several 2:0.7.1-2 builds from yesterday) are rotting in incoming.

It *has* "been picked up" - see
http://ftp.debian.org/debian/pool/main/c/crawl/ which clearly shows that
the packages are available on several architectures already.

The fact that the files are still visible in incoming _does not_ mean that
they are not in the archive.  In the past, it did mean this; it no longer

> -3 fixes two RC issues that were not properly marked at the time.  #591811
> (FTBFS on powerpc due to a g++-4.4 bug) was closed by Guus Sliepen without
> specifying the version (neither of us suspected it will matter) -- I've
> amended that.  The other issue hasn't been reported in the BTS, but
> probably > no point in doing so since one RC bug is as good as two, as
> long as both are fixed in the same version.

Well, one advantage of a bug is that it (ideally) provides some
documentation as to what the problem being resolved is.  Looking at the
debdiff (after reducing the noise caused by the fact that all the patches
are monolithic debian-changes-*) the changes look ok.

> I've been told on IRC that even though the upload has been accepted seven
> hours before the freeze announcement, it is the "freeze-exceptions" list
> that matters, and thus I'm asking you to help rectify this.

We had to pick a time to make the cut as to what counted as "in unstable"
for the purposes of generating the initial exception list.  As your upload
was very close, I've updated the exception for crawl.



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