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Re: transition: proposal libpt2.6.5->libpt2.6.6 & libopal3.6.6->libopal3.6.7

On 24/04/10 15:39, Josselin Mouette wrote:
Le samedi 24 avril 2010 à 21:43 +1000, Craig Southeren a écrit :
As for having a more stable ABI, one of the ways to achieve it would be
to provide a modular C API (maybe GObject-based) on top of the C++ one,
maybe with a restricted set of low-level features. Easier said than
done, of course.

We already have such an interface. See


In which case, how about splitting it in a separate library? This would
avoid having to rebuild programs using this interface when the C++
interface changes.

Well, as Mark said, in debian opal is used only by ekiga, as shown by "apt-cache showpkg libopal3.6.6" (simpleopal comes from opal source), and ekiga uses the C++ interface. So in debian there is no need to hassle with a new library.


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