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Bug#578532: nmu: squid3_3.1.1-3


On Tue, 2010-04-20 at 18:23 +0200, Luigi Gangitano wrote:
> during the last build of squid3 on amd64 a missing system header for IPv6
> socket on the build machine caused squid3_3.1.1-3 to ship without IPv6 support.
> Bug is reported as #578047 and #578519.
>   nmu squid3_3.1.1-3 . amd64 . -m "Rebuild with IPv6 support (Closes: #578047, #578519)"

Bastian Blank's comment in #578047 points to a bug in the package's
detection of IPv6 support, rather than a build problem.

Whilst it is possible that a binNMU would be built on a machine with
IPv6 support configured, that's not guaranteed and should not be relied



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