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Bug#577101: transition: libwpd*8c2a -> libwpd*-0.8-8

Package: release.debian.org
Severity: normal


i'd like to finally fix libwpds package name (at least for the shared lib
packages) to fix the package-name-doesnt-match-sonames lintian warning:

libwpd8c2a -> libwpd-0.8-8
libwpd-stream8c2a -> libwpd-stream-0.8-8

The .shlibs for libwpd8c2a says only "libwpd8c2a" so the r-deps of that
one will continue to work until rebuilt when we add a Provides:
"Affected" packages:

$ grep-available -FDepends libwpd -sPackage
Package: libwps-0.1-1
Package: kword
Package: libwpg-dev
Package: wpd2sxw
Package: wpg2odg
Package: abiword
Package: libwpd-tools
Package: libwps-dev
Package: openoffice.org-draw
Package: wps2sxw
Package: libwpd8-dev
Package: libwps-tools
Package: openoffice.org-writer
Package: inkscape

Some of them depend on libwpd8-dev, though which doesn't change its name

[ If we really want, we can schedule bin-NMUs for all of them, but
I don't think that's needed ]

The .shlibs for libwpd-stream8c2a has a version, though[1], so a simple
Provides: won't work there (I'll add one anyway).
Thankfully this only affects 3 binary packages:
$ grep-available -FDepends libwpd-stream -sPackage
Package: wpd2sxw
Package: libwpd-tools
Package: libwpd8-dev

The last two are libwpd source package itself and wpd2sxw is in writerperfect,
which is only one additional package to change.

OK to upload libwpd and writerperfect?



[1] though fullfillable even in stable

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