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Bug#573187: transition: mpi-defaults

On 08/04/10 at 18:22 -0500, Pavan Balaji wrote:
> Manuel Prinz wrote:
> >The problem is that a lot of build systems of MPI-using software want
> >the headers in $prefix/include and the libs in $prefix/lib, and on can
> >often only use $prefix to point to the location of MPI-relevant files.
> >The Debian package of MPICH2 uses $prefix/lib and $prefix/include/mpich2
> >which a lot of build systems do not like or handle correctly. This is
> >why the openmpi package uses --prefix=/usr/lib/openmpi to build and
> >symlinks the libraries to /usr/lib. This way, everything works as
> >expected. Not pretty, but effective. The questions is whether we apply
> >that change to the mpich2 package, as it was for all MPI packages in
> >Debian so far, or fix every broken build system out there. [0]
> If we choose to do the first approach, what exactly needs to change
> in the mpich2 source? It looks like this is more of a packaging
> issue for Debian?

Yes, sorry. Mpich2 provides enough configure options for us to put
the files where we want in any case. But since there's only a handful of
packages failing to build because of that, I still prefer to fix it in
the build system of those packages.
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