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Re: The 'git' Debian package in squeeze and possible mass bug filing

Hi Michael,

Michael Biebl wrote:

> Hm, making git-core a dummy/transitional package, which pulls the "git" package
> on upgrades sounds like a better idea to me.
> Otherwise git won't be updated when going from lenny to squeeze.

Gerrit Pape implemented what I think is a nicer method: git-core is a
disappearing transitional package.  On upgrades, it pulls in git and
then disappears (since git takes over all its files).  It is a super
neat trick, due to Daniel Kobras, I think [1].

Just one problem: APT does not support that at the moment.  Oops.

> You can also change the rdeps more gradually, i.e. they won't break if you
> upload the new package to unstable now.

This could still happen by not having git take over the files from
git-core until the rdeps are taken care of.  Actually, here is what I
think is the best thing to do:

For squeeze, let git-core be a transitional package.  Its content will
consist of a compatibility symlink for the documentation directory, so
that a future version of git can replace it.  Meanwhile, teach APT and
aptitude (I haven’t checked aptitude yet) to handle disappearing
transitional packages, hopefully in time for squeeze.

For squeeze+1, once all the rdeps have been updated, add the
/usr/share/doc/git-core symlink to the git package.

We can drop the transitional package at the same time, but that
doesn’t matter; it might even be nice to keep it around to let
"apt-get install git-core" work for another release.


[1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2006/06/msg00014.html

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