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Re: Hardware trouble ries.debian.org - ftpmaster.debian.org / release.d.o services disabled


Joerg Jaspert schrieb:

> I did an initial check of stuff that recently happened in the ftpmaster
> part of ries. Right now we have a set of packages that are broken beyond
> repair (on ries and also pushed to mirrors):
> gparted 0.5.2-2 alpha
> python-oss armel
> python-pam 0.4.2-12.1+b1 armel
> fluxbox 1.1.1-7 hppa
> fqterm hppa
> gparted 0.5.2-2 i386
> gss 0.1.5-1 mipsel

We have now a complete list of broken uploads:

fluxbox 1.1.1-7 hppa  (already in testing?)
python-pam 0.4.2-12.1+b1 armel
python-oss armel
gparted 0.5.2-2 alpha
gss 0.1.5-1 mipsel
gparted 0.5.2-2 i386 (already in testing?)
coin3  3.1.3-1 s390
cherokee 0.99.44-1 s390

Could you please schedule binnmus for these packages?

Furthermore some them seem to have already been migrated to testing. (at
least fluxbox 1.1.1-7 hppa and gparted 0.5.2-2 i386 seem to be
affected), as they where broken during an earlier crahs and reboot of ries.

Best regards,

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