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Re: Invite to join the Release Team

* Clint Adams (schizo@debian.org) [100323 02:31]:
> If you don't care about Debian 6.0 (codename "squeeze"),
> please skip this release update.
> Andreas Barth would like to sy that we have recently
> discussed the situation of the release, and it looks
> like we can pull the release off if we all do it
> together. As you know, releasing Debian is a team effort.
> Please see below the status of the open issues. If there is
> anything that you think needs to be part of high-level
> release planning and is not included below, please bring it
> to the release teams attention as soon as possible.

This is not adequate for sending out to d-d-a.

Actually, we should give our developers (and the press who is reading
that as well) an truthfull "status quo" of our activities. Also, it's
not "Andreas Barth wants that", but either the release team wants it,
or we don't want it.

> == Release Goals ==
> Many release goals may not be achieved in time.  Full IPv6
> support[4] is at least 115 bugs away from fruition.  On the
> other hand, the Large File Support[5] goal seems to be only
> 10 bugs away.

Why did you make all these bug release critical? Release Goal bugs are
*not* release critical, and please don't do massupgrades without
prior ack from the release team. Gerfried has fixed that now again


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