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(Temptative) list of udebs for X11-based d-i


here is the current status (as far as I understood it from a quick
talk on #debian-gnome as well as from a recent thread on -boot@) for
X11-based d-i images.

Step 1:
We push everything needed for X & Gnome. That means we don't push the
modified udebs maintained by d-i, so that we don't break the existing
alpha 1 release.

This means some packages are going to be broken in testing: the d-i
udebs are going to still rely on dropped/modified udebs (from the
gnome stack: cairo, pango1.0, gtk+2.0), but that doesn't matter much
since they are currently unused[1].

 1. http://lists.debian.org/debian-boot/2010/03/msg00366.html

That also means that gnome folks will be able to do any transitions
they want (their planned experimental → unstable move).

In the meanwhile, it won't be possible to build graphical images from
testing, but that's not an issue.

Step 2:
We push d-i udebs during the next d-i release, which will make
graphical images buildable from testing as well.

Please find below the list of source packages for each step:

,---[ Step 1 ]---
| cairo
| gtk+2.0
| gtk2-engines
| libfontenc
| libx11
| libxau
| libxcb
| libxcursor
| libxdmcp
| libxext
| libxfixes
| libxfont
| libxi
| libxinerama
| libxkbfile
| libxrender
| pango1.0
| udev
| vte
| x11-xkb-utils
| xft
| xkeyboard-config
| xorg-server                          [ WARNING ]
| xserver-xorg-input-evdev
| xserver-xorg-video-fbdev

WARNING about xorg-server: the udeb isn't buildable on sparc yet. I
believe we could skip pushing it for that step 1 (nothing depend on
it), and only push it later either when we have dropped sparc from the
list of supported architectures, or better when nettle and/or
xorg-server are tweaked so that it also builds on sparc. Since nothing
depends on it, not pushing it during step 1 shouldn't be an issue.

Also, AFAICT from the current buildd status of those packages, besides
some of them being only “Built” (because they were uploaded a couple
of hours ago), there seem to be no other issues.

The following packages should be the ones broken by this push:

,---[ Packages in sid still depending on *directfb* udebs ]---
| cdebconf-gtk-entropy
| cdebconf-gtk-terminal
| cdebconf-gtk-udeb
| libdirectfb-bin-udeb
| libgtk-directfb-2.0-0-udeb
| libsdl1.2debian-udeb

Those packages aren't uploaded to unstable yet, and might wait until
the next d-i release:

,---[ Step 2 ]---
| cdebconf
| cdebconf-entropy
| cdebconf-terminal
| rootskel-gtk


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