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Re: Bug#555848: [Fwd: RM: boost1.39 -- ROM; Obsolete]

Steve M. Robbins wrote:
> Hi Torsten,
> I knew about the broken build-depends and had advised the maintainers.
> I will see about uploading them myself.
> The other depends ... I thought everything had already been rebuilt
> for 1.40 [1].  My mistake.  
> Could the powers that be please rebuild all the following reverse
> dependencies?

binNMUs scheduled.

>> # Broken Build-Depends:
>> python-visual: libboost-python1.39-dev
>>                libboost-signals1.39-dev
>>                libboost-thread1.39-dev
>> sagemath: libboost-python1.39-dev

These need sourceful uploads I guess...



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