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Re: Bug#541963: Only 2 packages remaining

Josselin Mouette a écrit :
> now that lablgtk2 supports gtksourceview 2.x, could you please port
> matita and frama-c to the new version? These are the last two packages
> to use it.
> I’m going to request the removal of gtksourceview 1.x soon nevertheless,
> so this would make matita and frama-c uninstallable.

There is a pending (small) transition of ocaml-sqlite3 + lwt + ocsigen +
nurpawiki that I would like to see finished before proceeding with
lablgtk2 2.14. This is going on for > 1 month, and stalled because of
hppa build issues. Only the hppa build of nurpawiki is missing, now. The
new lablgtk2 breaks (at ABI level) at least lwt.



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