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Hi all.  Is there work under way for a lenny-and-a-half release?  Is
there a wiki page or other resource listing ongoing tasks, progress,
calls for help, etc?  I know about http://wiki.debian.org/LennyAndAHalf,
but thus far it doesn't have much content.  I'm happy to put in some
effort, but I'm not even sure where to begin.  s-p-u doesn't seem to
contain anything targetting a lenny-and-a-half release, AFAICT, and I'm
not sure about the procedure for actually proposing particular packages.
LennyAndAHalf mentions a 2.6.30 kernel, which seems (anecdotally,
anyway) to be a good choice.  It's also on backports.org, which suggests
that it's use is not uncommon on lenny systems.  There's no mention of
newer xorg packages on either LennyAndAHalf, s-p-u, or bpo, which
suggests that this might take some effort...

Feel free to point me toward other resources or documentation, if such
things exist.


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