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Webkit build issues

Heya folks,

after Ari asked on #dd, I was wondering where one can track the
currently planned binNMUs, so that I could answer his “when will webkit
stuff be rebuilt?” question. Is vorlon's page on ftp-master still the
reference? (Old link I have in my bookmarks, but I bet it'd rather be
somewhere on r.d.o).

Now, I've looked at the current Dep-Wait's (I think you usually trigger
binNMUs when the build is available on all archs, or you use
Dep-Wait's), but I've noticed the following chain:

(seen on hppa, mips, sparc, possibly others)

webkit     D-W on libsoup2.4-dev
libsoup2.4 D-W on libproxy-dev
libproxy   FTBFS because libwebkit-dev isn't installable
                 (at least hppa, mips)

I just thought I'd drop you a note about that.


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