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Re: gcc-4.4 & gcj-4.4/java-common uploads to unstable

Marc, Luk, what's the status of the mipsen experimental autobuilders?
How could we get gcc-4.4 to be tried on them before it gets uploaded to

It'd be very inconvenient to have gcc-4.4 unable to migrate quickly to
testing due to an hypothetical nasty FTBFS on mipsen, because of the
shlib bumps (and package takeover) Matthias comments.


+ Matthias Klose (Mon, 27 Apr 2009 00:18:40 +0200):

> Planning a gcc-4.4 upload for unstable for next week. It's not a
> transition (not changing any GCC defaults), but is likely to delay
> transitions of other packages due to new symbols in the various GCC
> runtime libraries. For now I'm not aware of any regressions in the
> runtime libraries, however builds for mips* are still outstanding. I
> would appreciate access to a fast mips* machine, or a build log for
> the current gcc-4.4 package in experimental.

> gcj-4.4 welcomes back hppa as a java architecture.  gcj-4.3 is
> available on hurd-i386. Besides kfreebsd, java is now available on all
> architectures. For unstable, I plan to change the java-common defaults
> to point to opendjk for all hotspot archs, and to gcj-{jre*,jdk} when
> these packages are in testing. I'd like to have some feedback about
> the java default for the non-hotspot openjdk archs first before moving
> those to openjdk; both debian-java and the openjdk co-maintainer seem
> to be pretty dead/mia.

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