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gcc-4.4 & gcj-4.4/java-common uploads to unstable

Planning a gcc-4.4 upload for unstable for next week. It's not a transition (not
changing any GCC defaults), but is likely to delay transitions of other packages
due to new symbols in the various GCC runtime libraries. For now I'm not aware
of any regressions in the runtime libraries, however builds for mips* are still
outstanding. I would appreciate access to a fast mips* machine, or a build log
for the current gcc-4.4 package in experimental.

gcj-4.4 welcomes back hppa as a java architecture.  gcj-4.3 is available on
hurd-i386. Besides kfreebsd, java is now available on all architectures. For
unstable, I plan to change the java-common defaults to point to opendjk for all
hotspot archs, and to gcj-{jre*,jdk} when these packages are in testing. I'd
like to have some feedback about the java default for the non-hotspot openjdk
archs first before moving those to openjdk; both debian-java and the openjdk
co-maintainer seem to be pretty dead/mia.


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