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Re: Give-back for NM related packages

+ Michael Biebl (Wed, 22 Apr 2009 18:52:01 +0200):

> Hi,

> due to latest transitions in gtk, pango and gconf, a few of the NM related
> packages failed to build due to unmet b-deps. This should be fixed by now.
> Please give back:

> gb network-manager-openvpn_0.7.1-1 . mips
> gb network-manager-pptp_0.7.1-1 . mips powerpc

> All other network-manager-* packages have been built successfully though not all
> of them are uploaded yet. Hopefully they will be soon, to finally finish the NM
> testing transition.

Apparently you built these on porter machines or similar already.
Unfortunately, and if I’m not mistaken, network-manager is tied to GNOME
2.26 via gnome-main-menu, and I don’t know how it’d work out having
gnome-main-menu in testing depend against libnm-util0, trying to
communicate with a network-manager that it’s 0.7 already.

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