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Re: Bug#525511: dvdauthor: depends on obsolete package libmagick10

+ Ben Hutchings (Sat, 25 Apr 2009 14:17:33 +0100):

> On Fri, 2009-04-24 at 23:50 -0500, Drake Wilson wrote:
> > Package: dvdauthor
> > Version: 0.6.14-3+b2
> > Severity: important

> > Just what it says on the tin: dvdauthor in sid depends on libmagick10, but that
> > package is no longer available in sid.

> This should be fixable with a binNMU:

> nmu dvdauthor_0.6.14-3 . ALL . -m 'Rebuild against libmagickcore2 (Closes: #525511)'

Bah. I actually scheduled Bin-NMUs for the imagemagick transition on
April 11th, but I did a mistake and most of them need to be scheduled
again. Done that now, including dvdauthor.

(The mistake was that I scheduled the Bin-NMUs before the obsolete
packages were decrufted, which was fatal in this case because Provides
were involved. I actually knew about this, but it seems I didn’t
remember when scheduling them.)


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