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Re: [SRM] Permission to upload samba in s-p-u to fix #522907

Christian Perrier wrote:
Hello guys,

Hi Christian

Bug #522907 seems to affect users who use Winbind along with an
OpenLDAP server. These users are experiencing frequent winbind crashes
that seem to de due to a behaviour of OpenLDAP that hadn't been anticipated by Samba developers.

Upstream Samba developers made a (simple) patch to fix this, which
will be pushed in their 3.3.4 and 3.2.12 releases (FYI, we have 3.2.5
in lenny).

It might be possible that #484235 is also fixed by this patch.

The planned patch is attached.

Would it be OK to upload this to s-p-u?

Yes, please upload.



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