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krb5 transation: krb5 1.7

Around a month ago, I had discussions of a transition to the krb5
package on debian-devel.  The steps so far have been something that
hasn't broken anything and I believe has been fairly low impact.
However I'd like the release team's review for the next part and
advice on one of two directions.

Basically, the libkrb53 package is being split and will eventually go
away.  Upstream is dropping support for the 1980's era Kerberos 4, so
I need to drop the krb4 libraries.

I've done the library split keeping libkrb53 .  However I'd like to
move 1.7 into unstable, which means that libkrb53 needs to either go
away or be produced by an oldlibs package based off the 1.6 sources.

Anything that gets built now will not end up depending on libkrb53, but there are a large number of packages that do depend on libkrb53 in unstable.

so, the question is whether we should BIN NMU those packages, or
whether I should produce a krb5-1.6 source package to go into oldlibs
for a while to keep libkrb53 around.  I'm happy to do the oldlibs
package especially if it lets me get krb5 1.7 into unstable
significantly faster.  I'm not happy to maintain the oldlibs package
in a stable release; if we create such a package we should expect it
to go away say sometime later this year.

Unrelatedly, when Kerberos 1.7 goes into unstable,
libauthen-krb5-admin-perl will break and require a source patch; I'm
happy to coordinate with the maintainers of that package and supply a

The dependencies on libkrb53 are attached.

Package: alpine
Package: aolserver4-nsimap
Package: balsa
Package: bitstormlite
Package: cups-driver-gutenprint
Package: cupsddk
Package: cupsddk-drivers
Package: cvsnt
Package: diatheke
Package: etpan-ng
Package: fetchmail
Package: gpredict
Package: gtklp
Package: gtorrent-viewer
Package: heirloom-mailx
Package: inn2
Package: ipopd
Package: ipsec-tools
Package: jp2a
Package: kredentials
Package: libapache2-mod-auth-kerb
Package: libapache2-webauth
Package: libauthen-krb5-perl
Package: libauthen-krb5-simple-perl
Package: libc-client2007b
Package: libgnomecups1.0-1
Package: libgssapi-perl
Package: libkrb5-dev
Package: libkrb5-ruby1.8
Package: libkrb5-ruby1.9
Package: libmail-cclient-perl
Package: libneon26
Package: libneon26-gnutls
Package: libneon27
Package: libneon27-gnutls
Package: libnet-cups-perl
Package: libnss-ldap
Package: libpam-afs-session
Package: libpam-krb5
Package: libpam-pkcs11
Package: libremctl1
Package: libroot5.18
Package: libsasl2-modules-gssapi-mit
Package: libsword6
Package: libtinymail-camel-1.0-0
Package: libtunepimp5
Package: libwebauth1
Package: libwfut-0.2-1
Package: libzephyr3-krb
Package: lprng
Package: mailsync
Package: mpop
Package: mutt
Package: mutt-patched
Package: netsurf
Package: openssh-client
Package: openssh-server
Package: pike7.6-core
Package: postman
Package: python-kerberos
Package: python-pycurl
Package: python-pycurl-dbg
Package: python-remctl
Package: racoon
Package: remctl-server
Package: root-plugin-krb5
Package: root-system-proofd
Package: root-system-rootd
Package: root-system-xrootd
Package: sasl2-bin
Package: tla
Package: uw-imapd
Package: uw-mailutils
Package: wfut
Package: xpp
Package: zephyr-server-krb

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