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Re: binNMUs for libgps transistion

+ Bernd Zeimetz (Tue, 14 Apr 2009 11:21:12 +0200):

> please schedule binNMUs for the transition of libgps17 to libgps18. The
> following packages are affected:

> kdeedu
> gosmore
> s3d
> gaia
> viking
> geoclue

> A dep-wait for libgps-dev (>= 2.39-1) is needed.
> You don't need to schedule a binNMU for geoclue, as I'll sponsor an upload with
> several bugfixes within the next few days.
> Also kdeedu needs an additional dep-wait on libgl1-mesa-dri (>= 7.4-2).

Scheduled all except geoclue and gosmore, which (as I mentioned on IRC)
build-depends on libgpsd-dev, but doesn’t seem to have any dependency on
it. Waiting for news on this.


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