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Propagation stable -> {testing,unstable} and udebs


With the recent first point release of Lenny, the known version
constraint “stable << testing << unstable” became endangered, since a
lot of packages saw updates in unstable whilst they still hadn’t been
updated in unstable or, more commonly, in testing.

The release team agreed with ftpmaster that at the time of the point
release, stuff would be propagated from stable to testing and/or unstable
as appropriate as to continue meeting the version constraints. This is
generally a safe thing to do. So, for example, linux-2.6 was upgraded
from 2.6.26-13 to 2.6.26-15, which came via stable.

As there was a d-i respin, a lot of udeb packages were uploaded as well,
that now fail to meet the version check. ftpmaster has asked us to look
into fixing these as well, that is, to migrate them from stable to

These are mostly the linux-kernel-di-* packages, plus oldsys-preseed.
Apparently ftpmaster has already propagated all the linux-kernel-di-*
packages to unstable (albeit the old binaries seem to have been left
around). So, please be so kind to answer the following questions.

Is it okay to:

  * put oldsys-preseed 3.2lenny1 udeb in lenny, replacing 3.2?

  * put all *-2.6.26-2-* kernel and module udebs in testing, REPLACING

  * drop the *-2.6.26-1-* kernel and module udebs from unstable, now
    that the 2.6.26-2 are there.


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        -- Rory and Lorelai

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