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Re: Suitesparse 3.2.0

+ Julian Gilbey (Wed, 08 Apr 2009 00:05:21 +0100):

Hello again,

> > As I agreed with the Openoffice.org maintainer today, I’ll be pushing
> > suitesparse without petsc/illuminator before the end of the week,
> > hopefully on Thursday. Until now we were waiting on, at least, an armel
> > build of openoffice.org 3.0.1-9.

> The armel build has now completed.

> Excited about seeing openoffice 3.0 in testing - thanks for everyone's
> great work!

So, today is Thursday, here’s an update:

  - octave3.0 has an RC bug that prevents it from migrating; the
    maintainers initially thought of downgrading it, but now think it
    shouldn’t make it to testing, and I don’t want to override that

    However, I’m leaning towards pushing suitesparse without octave3.0,
    and it can migrate later.

  - seems openoffice.org is unable to migrate; as I mentioned on IRC:

    14:19 <dato> _rene_: oo.o/unstable drops openoffice.org-qa-tools, but 
                 oo.o-qa-ui-tests testing/unstable wants it, so migrating 
                 oo.o/unstable to testing renders that package uninstallable.
                 what should be done about that?

    I’m now waiting on an answer for that in order to know how to


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