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Re: Bug#521726: python-pymtp: needs upating of depends fromlibmtp7 to libmtp8

* Rafael Laboissiere <rafael@laboissiere.net> [2009-04-02 22:44]:

> * Adeodato Simó <dato@net.com.org.es> [2009-04-02 20:41]:
> > Great, I’ll be waiting for the upload and then do the migration.
> I prepared the NMU, which can be accessed here:
>     dget http://people.debian.org/~rafael/pymtp/pymtp_0.0.4-1.1.dsc
> Thomas, please test it.  I added quilt support to the package in order to
> introduce my patch.  I also did a minimal change in debian/rule for
> removing of the build/directory in the clean rule.  The entry in
> debian/changelog reads as below.  The debdiff is attached to this
> message.
> If I do not hear from you soon I will assume that everything is okay and
> upload the package to unstable.




Rafael Laboissiere

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