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Re: Bug#521726: python-pymtp: needs upating of depends fromlibmtp7 to libmtp8

* Rafael Laboissiere [Tue, 31 Mar 2009 03:03:29 +0200]:

> > > The following seems to work for users of MTP devices so far (see the
> > > attachment to that bug):
> > > http://bugs.gpodder.org/show_bug.cgi?id=307

> > Thanks for the info.  The changes to pymtp.py are different from those
> > that I proposed before.  I will test both versions eventually and will
> > let you know.

> My version was not working properly, so forget about the previous patch.

> I merged both version for pymtp.py and the resulting debdiff is attached
> below.  I tested it with a Zen Creative device and creation of a track
> from file worked using the modified sendtrack.py script in the package
> (notice that this script is patched to work with python-id3 instead of
> using the pyid3lib module, which does not seem to be available in Debian).

> I am Cc:ing this reply to the upstream author.  Let us see what he
> thinks.  Although it would need more tests, I would go ahead and upload
> this changed version of the package to unstable, otherwise the libmtp
> transiton will be blocked.  Indeed python-pymtp is the last blocker for
> the transition (Cc:ing also to debian-release, accordingly).

Indeed. I’d like to push this transition sooner rather than latter, so
I’m considering a temporary removal of pymtp from testing, or maybe
leaving libmtp7 around for a bit in testing, but I like that less.


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