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NetworkManager testing migration

Hi release team,

NetworkManager 0.7 and related packages (vpn plugin, GNOME/KDE frontend) are all
ready for migrating to testing. As libnm-util had a soname bump (0->1), and
gnome-main-menu, which still links against libnm-util0, is the only package no
yet updated [1], this transition is blocked.
I'd thus like the release team to either force NM and related packages into
testing or remove gnome-main-menu from testing, so it can migrate automatically.
As gnome-main-menu also builds the libslab0 library, which is used by
gnome-control-center, I'd like to hear the release teams (g-c-c maintainers
CCed) opinion on how to best proceed from here.

I considered to NMU gnome-main-menu and disable NetworkManager support, but
unfortunately this is not easily possible without heavy patching. Imho the best
solution would be, to package the latest upstream version, which has support for
 NM 0.7. I don't feel up to doing that myself in a NMU and will leave that to
Riccardo, the gnome-main-menu maintainer.

As I don't want to wait for such a potential upload of gnome-main-menu and I'd
like the NM 0.7 packages get into squeeze as soon as possible, I'm asking for
advice about the release teams preferred approach.


[1] http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=515968
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