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Graphicsmagick transition.


First of all: my apologies. I seem to have messed up the latest upload
of graphicsmagick, which involves a SONAME bump and was therefore
intended to go to experimental first, and indeed that's what the
changelog entry lists. I didn't note, however, that the Distribution
line in the changes file shows unstable, and that's where the packages
now ended up. No idea how this has happened. Anyway, I've now
involuntarily introduced a premature library transition in unstable. I'm
very sorry about this, and I hope it didn't interfere too badly with any
of the ongoing transitions. Do you want me upload an epoched version of
the 1.2.4 packages previously in unstable to clear up the mess as soon
as possible, or is it okay if I stick with 1.3.5 and try another upload
to fix the current build errors?



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