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Re: toolame: remove from unstable, update in stable

* Fabian Greffrath [Mon, 16 Mar 2009 09:08:22 +0100]:

> Luk Claes schrieb:
>> It's ok, please mention the portability bugs on [0] and upload.

> Unfortunately IANADD, so I cannot modify the wiki page on my own. The  
> closed bugs are #504308 and #506193. Maybe someone can do me the favor  
> and add them on the wiki page once the package has been uploaded.

Are you sure you can’t edit the Wiki page? I’d be *very* surprised if
that was the case.

> To which dist should I upload, stable or stable-proposed-updates? Which 
> version number should I choose?

Either stable, stable-proposed-updates or proposed-updates. You can use
02l-6+lenny1 as version number, or 02l-6lenny1.


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